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Graphics & Animation

Illustration and Animation: My Pad | My Right


The commercial pads are unaffordable to most of the rural women and the pads available locally are not assuring enough. The project ‘My Pad | My Right’ addresses the challenges comprehensively.

The project will enable rural women to access pads in a safe, accessible and familiar environment through their own network on a regular basis.


For NABFOUNDATION with code7:tech

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Illustration and Animation: ANDHERI SUBAH - Lyrical Video


ANDHERI SUBAH literally means dark morning. This song is a ballad of love, longing and hope and imbues the melancholy musings of two people stuck in different universes.

For Verve Media

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Illustration: Beyond Lockdown and Pandemics Series


March 2020 onwards, COVID-19 pandemic related crises have affected hundreds of millions of people in India.


The immediate humanitarian crisis is visible and has generated widespread spontaneous initiatives by civil society and by several state governments to provide relief. A movement towards such a society - Swaraj in its real sense - is not only theoretical. It is already taking place in hundreds of initiatives across India.


For Moving Images

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