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Debashish-Nandi-Photography | wisdom

As the sunset says, “Endings can be beautiful too.”

With a passion for collecting stories, the journey that I began,

is a journey that has no end, A film-maker who travels through stories,

A photographer who is trying to listen to the voices behind the images.



Debashish is a filmmaker and photographer based in Assam, India.

It has always been nice to work with people and learn new ways of life. ‘If you want to work with nature, you have to work with people’ has always been his inspiration to work.

Filmmaking hasn't been a sudden jump, It was a natural transition from paper to people.  Between sketching and painting he always prefers the former.  He discovered colour was a lot easier to achieve through photography, But he found that he was the voice behind every photograph. In 2016 he started filming and was able to give voice to the people in the frame. 

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